The Well Network invites you, whether as an individual, a church, or a business, to join this groundbreaking movement. Together, we're not just planting churches; we're engaging in a work that will impact campuses and cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for generations.

Why Partner with The Well Network?


Align yourself with a Network that shares a core mission – to uphold Biblical truths, drive transformation, focus on nurturing future leaders, and dedicate ourselves to growth and multiplication through discipleship.


Tap into a network rich in experience and wisdom. Your involvement means you benefit from that while simultaneously serving alongside many other individuals, churches, and businesses just like you.


You don’t have to figure church planting out on your own. Benefit from our proven systems and knowledge of establishing thriving churches in university environments.


Prayer Support

Engage in dedicated prayer advocacy by committing to regularly intercede for The Well Network, its church planters, ministry teams, and the communities they serve.

Your prayers can create a foundation of spiritual support, invoking God’s guidance, protection, and blessing over all aspects of the mission. As a prayer advocate, you can organize prayer groups, initiate prayer chains, and encourage others within your circle to join in lifting up the specific needs and challenges faced by The Well Network.

This spiritual commitment plays a crucial role in sustaining the ministry’s efforts and witnessing God’s power at work in transforming lives and communities through the Gospel.

Sending and Supporting Planters

Identify and send potential church planters from your congregation to join our 18-month residency program, which will fully equip them for the unique challenges of church planting.

Support Through Time and Resources

Whether through resources, expertise, or manpower, your contribution can help launch new, vibrant church communities.

Inquire via email to see how you can plan to serve alongside one of our plants in a short term mission trip, or visit one of our plants on a Sunday to see planting for yourself.

Equally as essential to our mission’s success are your financial contributions. These contributions fuel our collective efforts to spread the Gospel.

Beyond Church Planting

Join us in a work that will impact generations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.